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About info

The joint database of the CRC/TRR 247, that is funded by the DFG, plays an important role in our coordinated research. Using our database is a mandatory prerequisite for our common goal to identify robust correlation between trends in materials properties and catalytic performance. The database is web-based and coupled to the physical storage of the samples in each working group. Its specific significance for our scientific work is:

  • Unambiguous labeling of all samples prepared in the CRC/TRR;
  • Easy and quick access to the ancestry of sample prepared by multiple steps or used in different experiments;
  • Easy and quick access to all relevant data concerning and describing the sample;
  • Storage of reference material for further experimentation if necessary;
  • Storage of samples and data prepared by former colleagues, thus allowing a true accumulation of knowledge over the lifespan of the CRC/TRR 247;
  • Clear link of samples and experimental/theoretical raw data with reports such as presentations, posters and publications;
  • Obeying the rules of good scientific practice regarding storage of data.

The database will be an indispensable tool for our scientific progress and for the organization of collaborative efforts. Please make use of it routinely and as early as you can. It is meant to support you in your research and allows you to track your sample or experiment in the consortium. It should be convenient to use and is a living system that can be modified according to your suggestions and input. Please feel free to provide feedback.